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Our Story

      We’re proud of the reputation that Nazareth High School Theatre Troupe has recently gained - for a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate high school students from the Nazareth area.

     Theatre at Nazareth Area High School has been a tradition for over 90 years. Nazareth High School performed plays from 1924, and has performed a full musical every year since 1976.
     The current Nazareth High School Theatre Troupe is a student organization under the direction of NAHS English TeacherMrs. Sandy Jameson. The Theatre Troupe presents 2 productions each year, including a children's play in the fall, and a musical in the spring.
     The Nazareth High School Theater Troupe is a participant in the Freddy Awards, hosted by the State Theatre of Easton. 

Creative Team 2023-24


Assistant Director & Business Manager

Sandy Jameson, NAHS English Teacher

Devin Cetnar, NAHS English Teacher

Visual Directors

Vocal Music Director

Sue Durner, NAHS Theatre/Visual Media Teacher
Melissa Miller, NAHS English Teacher

Craig Albert, NAHS Alum


Pit Orchestra Director

Jenelle Castrignano

Matt Tanzos, NAHS Music Teacher

Tech Director

Chelsea Soto, NAHS Alum

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